Word From the President

Following its inauguration into the business world with Selahattin Aşçıoğlu in 1967, Aşçıoğlu Construction amassed a trove of immeasurable experience through the construction of hundred thousands of square meter’s of residences, offices, malls and industrial buildings. Aşçıoğlu is the creative force behind Selenium Residence, an endeavor bearing the distintion of being a first among its peers in Turkey. We design our new residence projects with utmost care and in tandem with the latest technological developments.

On this journey I set forth in collaboration with my colleagues, we are determined to raise the life quality in our country, which is also an indicator of the level of development we achieved. We are committed to developing the most cutting-edge edifices providing the highest level of comfort. we thus aim to set an example for posterity. Another one of our greatest concern is being attenive to customer satisfaction. If some day we become a brand well-known and preferred beyond the borders of our own homeland like numerous other global brands, only then i’ll count myself successful.

Best regards,