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The continuity of our success depends on our long-term strategies and flexible perspective keeping up with change.

We always keep track of improvements in technology and aim to present new ideas to our customers under the projects which we assume thanks to our expertise in the industry.

We promote the quality of your life with our giant investments all of which respect the environment to guarantee our joint future. We focus on strategic targets in a consistent manner.

Holding up our success for fifty years consistently, we make a difference with the Selenium brand established under Aşçıoğlu name with contemporary and luxurious architecture in mind.

Selenium projects include high quality and current technology with their style

up-to-date with the world dynamics and embraces the cultural traditions of its location at the same time.

Selenium Retro Ready to live Selenium Retro is marked with a matchless design that combines residential areas and office life in the same project 1+1 Details

Selenium Ataköy Ready to live Thanks to its elegant structure embracing innovations strategic position, architectural details and designs facilitating your life Loft, 2+1, 3+1 Details

Selenium Retro9 Ready to live The tastes in your Selenium Quality of Life um integrate the latest technology and aesthetics in modern details 1+1 Details


You can get Turkish citizenship by investing $250.000